Natasha is happy to see others enjoy her art, but please advise the following reposting guidelines to protect artists' licensing rights. 

Please do not repost POST WOOK art without permission. If you reach out and receive permission for reposting, you will be asked to tag POST WOOK in the image and in the comments to display proper artist credit. Watermarks cannot be covered up or blurred out. Additional watermarks may not be added. Failure to adhere to this guideline will prompt removal of the post and no further permission for reposting. Re-sharing via the 'share' button is more than welcome.

Do not use POST WOOK art for commercial or business purposes.  Reach out to Natasha to discuss licensing rights for the image you are interested in. Reposting to another website for your own business purpose, whether you are collecting royalties or not, violates the licensing rights for POST WOOK art. 

Please do not use POST WOOK art for 'edits' of any kind. All of Natasha's artwork uses royalty free images intended for commercial use. That means that she put in the work to find images without copyrights and made her own art using said images for a transformative purpose. Slapping an image of a celebrity or yourself on top of someone else's work is disrespectful and attempting to commercialize someone else's work is illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). In other words, don't do it. Make your own 'backgrounds' for your own edits, do not use someone else's work. Get creative in your own right!

Do not repost POST WOOK art onto another website without prior approval. This includes, but is not limited to: using art for SoundCloud releases, on fliers, in promotional information, and as "edits." This violates the licensing rights for POST WOOK art -- people pay for art in the form of prints, commissions, and merchandise; reposting without permission devalues not only the art itself, but everyone who purchases the art for their own pleasure. If you would like to discuss commissioned art, kindly email Art is work, and no one should work for free.