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Shipping FAQs

Q: "Do you ship worldwide?"

A: Yes! We ship around the globe. International shipping is available at checkout. Most international orders ship via UPS.

Q: "I checked my tracking and it says confirmed but I got a notification about it a week ago. Did you ship my order?"

A: If the tracking reflects 'confirmed' and it has been a few days since the tracking number was created, your order has not been scanned before heading to the next postal facility. While this is incredibly frustrating for everyone involved, your order is still on its way to you. Usually when this happens the parcel tracking will reflect 'confirmed' until it is out for delivery. This has been an ongoing issue since the beginning of COVID related delays with postal carriers.

Q: "My tracking says my order has been delivered but it's not here. What can you do?"

A: On occasion as COVID delays have continued to set in, parcels may get marked as 'delivered' up to a day (or, if on a Friday, over the weekend) before they arrive on your doorstep. We suggest waiting up to 2 days before contacting us about your order to see if it gets delivered in that time. For additional information, please view our shipping policies.

Q: "Why is my order taking so long to get here?"

A: As coronavirus continues to delay mail, parcel delivery speeds are impacted. Your package is getting to you as fast as it can. For a handy chart outlining fulfillment times, please view our shipping policies.

Print FAQs

Q: "What paper do you use for your prints?"

A: I have a few different papers for different prints! The monthly, 11x14in prints are printed on an 110# eggshell matte paper. Holographic prints are printed on 110# holographic paper. Seasonal collection (winter/spring/summer/autumn) prints are printed on a luster photo paper. Any prints made special for you are also printed on this paper.

Q: "I really love one of your pieces and want a print of it but I don't see it on your website. Can I buy it anywhere?"

A: This is usually reserved for people who ask me themselves, but if you're this far into my website I'll let you in on a secret: yes, usually. There are some pieces I cannot print (past prints, upcoming prints, and pieces available for/have been licensed are off limits) but I can print most of my public work. You can fill out this form to get in touch and get the conversation going!

Q: "Do you sell digital downloads of your work?"

A: Not exactly -- the closest I can offer is exclusive licensing of my work listed on ARTgrab for $120 each. You can check those out here. If you purchase the exclusive license to the piece you're welcome to use it for whatever you'd like.

Q: "I want a REALLY BIG print. Can you make this happen?"

A: Yes! I'm happy to get a larger print made for you. You can fill out my large print inquiry form here.

Q: "Can you print A size (A1/A2/A3/A4) prints?"

A: At the moment, I cannot. I am working on it, though! If you need frame recommendations for the below sizes, please get in touch.

The closest sizes I offer are below.

A1 - 24x30 inches (21x29.7 cm)

A2 - 16x20 inches (42x59.4 cm)

A3 - 11x14 inches (29.7x42 cm)

A4 - 8x10 inches (21x29.7 cm)


General FAQ

Q: "Do you do commissions?"

A: Yes! I'd be happy to discuss with you. Please get in touch here and let me know your concept, budget, deadline and whatever else is relevant to bring your project to life.

Q: "Can I use your art for my project for free? I'll credit you in the description."

A: No, I cannot accept free projects at this time. As a full time artist the work I make for clients is how I pay my bills and exposure is not nearly as impactful as it seems.