Natasha Chomko is the creative artist behind the contemporary surrealism art project POST WOOK. She sought out for a creative outlet while working a draining office job and found great relief in collage art. Being able to slice elements, arrange colors, and create new worlds gave Natasha the creative expression she craved. 

Diving into the art world has inspired Natasha to finally consider herself an artist and further her career in the arts industry. Art has challenged her perspective on her self worth, artists rights (aka art is not free), and her ability to stand up for what she believes in. 

Natasha is based in Los Angeles, California and works in digital marketing in the live music industry as her "day job." She is passionate about all things related to her cat Ted, perfecting and enlarging her spiritual life, and Drake. She will also watch that video of monkeys eating grapes until her phone dies if you let her.