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POST WOOK gift cards are the gift that keeps on giving! Gift cards are perfect for a friend that's been eyeing something on, or a family member who can't see a box come in before the holidays. Plus, they get to choose what they want!

POST WOOK gift cards do not expire. Use your Apple Wallet to keep track of your gift card. This is a digital gift card. 

Confused on how much to spend on a gift card? Keep reading!

A $25 gift card is perfect for someone who wants a print. It's a perfect gift for a holiday office party gift exchange or a smaller holiday present. 

A $50 gift card will cover a larger print or a calendar. This is perfect for someone who is looking for a few smaller items, a large print, or someone looking to shave some of the total off of a larger order. This is a great option for the undecided friend or family member!

A $75 gift card is perfect for purchasing a tapestry, gallery block, or a few items at once. 

A $100 gift card will secure any individual item on, and is perfect for someone who's been hinting at wanting some POST WOOK for a while now. Guaranteed to put a smile on someone's face and likely prompt a hug of gratitude.


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